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“Oregan is a company with a strong identity and ambitious vision. At the core of Oregan's operation is a determination to create a unique value for our customers. This is achieved by combining creativity and expert engineering practices with industry standard foundations, whilst continuously pre-empting consumer trends in the digital media market.”

Mark G Perry, Chief Executive Officer


Oregan Networks
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Milya Timergaleyeva
Oregan Networks
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Oregan Networks is a leading provider of embedded software solutions for digital home entertainment devices, comprising digital media streaming, home networking, TV browsing and user interface technology.

With full ownership of the intellectual property rights of its Oregan™ Media Browser software, Oregan is able to respond rapidly to the requirements of its customers and to be a strong innovator in the digital entertainment sector.

Oregan is a privately owned company, with headquarters in London, UK, and offices in Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. Since incorporation in 1997, the company has experienced steady growth and profitability, positioning itself to capitalise on the rapid expansion of the digital entertainment market.

Consumers today expect to be able to access communications and entertainment services anytime, anywhere and on any device. Oregan's strategic intent is to provide low cost and high performance embedded solutions that make the internet and multimedia ubiquitous and the user interaction seamless, eliminating tedious connectivity delays and download times, generally associated with internet, but unacceptable in the living room or mobile entertainment environment.

Oregan enables millions of devices to link directly to IP-based media via a host of industry-approved standards that have been maturing for decades to become robust network platforms.