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Digital TV Europe

Q&A: Oregan Networks on pay TV and interactivity

"The strategy for subscriber retention, which is intrinsically linked to the vast real estate of legacy STB devices and head end infrastructures, is probably the most technically and financially challenging in this increasingly competitive space."

Sky News

Oregan Networks was featured on Sky News' Technology Unplugged programme, talking about forthcoming IPTV innovations and alternative approaches to User Interface design and interactivity.

UK Newspaper Coverage

UK press launch of the Cello iViewer television - the first TV with built in BBC iPlayer capability powered by Oregan's Onyx web browser, was received with enthusiasm and broad coverage in the national and trade press, as well as technology and consumer blogs.

Coverage included : BBC News Online, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Sky News, The Sun, The Daily Mirror and Wired Magazine.


Hybrid Multimedia Platforms Bring New Revenue Models
Journal of the Electronics Industry (JEI) - Dempa Publications Inc., Japan.

Oregan Networks, Ltd. of London, England aims to ensure simplicity and economy, as well as advanced performance. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, the company is a specialist in embedded solutions for digital home entertainment. Its new STB software, known as the Moka platform, offers a solution for hybrid cable, satellite and terrestrial receivers with Internet protocol (IP) connectivity.

PC Magazine

Oregan Brings Skype To The Couch

With today's announcement, Skype users can now utilize the Oregan platform to view message alerts and caller ID functionality straight through their TV screen or other "TV-centric" device. Oregan explained that its newest offering enables users to access their Skype accounts while watching digital or Internet Protocol (IP) television without having to lift a finger.

New Media Knowledge

Can digital marketers save television advertising?

"The focus must be on getting the user interface right - if the TV industry learns one thing from the handset and tablet makers, it's that good user interface design isn't simply about attractive icons"

Vanilla Plus Magazine

Nowhere to grow so quality becomes paramount

"Broadcast companies are feeling the impact of [the global IP traffic] data burden, with the quality and quantity of content becoming increasingly heavyweight, from high-definition video to streaming mobile and web feeds."


Curtain's up for digital home entertainment
Q&A with Oregan VP Milya Timergaleyeva

Dempa Shimbun Daily

Oregan Networks Media Browsing Software Now Serves Telecom Operators.
English Version / Japanese Version
Interview with Dempa Shimbun Daily at CES

"Oregan Networks, which has offices in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and the United States, was announcing the start of the direct-service delivery platform at CES."


Digital Links Facilitate Access to New Network Content
Journal of the Electronics Industry (JEI) - Dempa Publications Inc., Japan.

"When does a new device cease to be a gadget and become a useful technology? A la carte TV, intelli-gent toasters, self-replenishing re-frigerators, and radios that play only favorite tunes and programs: At what point does fiction become reality? When does society step over the threshold into the age of digital lifestyles? Those who track the trends, and Oregan Networks Ltd. is one of them, say the time is now."


Oregan Networks Sees Digital Lifestyle Flourishing with Wi-Fi
Journal of the Electronics Industry (JEI) - Dempa Publications Inc., Japan.

"Wireless technologies are extending their reach into daily life, with products like mobile phones, wireless headsets, remote car keys and more now commonplace in many homes. Untethered digital technologies have taken less than a decade to achieve widespread adoption."


Oregan Licences 3m units of TV browser

"Oregan Networks, a UK supplier of convergent media browser software for digital home entertainment devices, has licensed some 3m units of its Oregan browser in the APAC, North America and EMEA territories."

Intel Newsletter

Oregan Networks - Leading the Convergence Market Toward Interoperable Products
Intel Developer Network Newsletter - Feature Article

"Today, millions of CE devices are powered by Oregan's networked media product technology building blocks, ranging from Sony PlayStation 2 game consoles to networked Video on Demand Set Top Boxes, delivering premium content over broadband IP."